Every request. Any channel.

Users can request services from anywhere, via the desktop or mobile apps. And requests can be triggered automatically based on events in Qntrl or a third-party system through APIs.

Stay on track

Follow all your requests, whether submitted by you, or assigned to you. Easily view all your open travel request, approved press releases, or high-priority purchase requisitions. You can even share them with people as custom views, or filter them for one-time use.

Execute on time, every time

Automatically notify team members about any assigned requests or pending tasks via email or their favorite chat app, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoho Cliq.

Keep them in the loop

Users who create a card can quickly view what stages have been completed, which stage the request is currently on, and which ones are coming up next.

Import and export requests

Easily import data from spreadsheets to create cards in Qntrl, when migrating from another tool or when your process demands frequent mass data inputs. You can also export cards in a customizable spreadsheet, to make it easier for you to further analyze data any way you like.

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