We had to make sure we selected software that could help us roll out complex processes quickly, but was easy for our teams to use, with little to no onboarding assistance required. After selecting Qntrl as our process automation tool, we built our first process in a few hours, without the help of our IT division. We were amazed by how customizable and flexible the tool is.

Tommaso Gabellini,

Administrative Supervisor,


Company MOVYON
Industry IT for Logistics
Headquarters Italy
Process Warehouse Operations

In a nutshell

The Problem

MOVYON used shared mailboxes and phone calls to keep track of its warehouse operations. This sometimes lead to missing information and slower execution. The company wanted an effective process automation platform that was also straightforward for every team member.

The Solution

Orchestrate the incoming processes, business unit transfers, external transfers, warehouse transfers, and delivery processes of all warehouses using Qntrl.

The Impact

  • Coordination emails and phone calls cut down by more than 90%
  • All information captured in one place
  • Simplified day-to-day operations
  • Cross-team collaboration goals achieved

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