Centralization & Visibility

Centralized requests. Unparalleled visibility.

Manage work across organizational silos and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Centralized request submission
  • Customized work views
  • Real-time status updates

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Process Compliance

Ensure execution standards

Gain full control over your workflows with Qntrl, and never deal with forgotten tasks, unapproved requests, or unauthorized actions again.

  • Define responsibilities at each stage
  • Automate process checks
  • Enforce business policies

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Workflow-centric Collaboration

Collaboration when you need it, where you need it

Work together seamlessly and automatically with all your work centralized in one location.

  • Access contextual data when required
  • Share updates and receive feedback
  • Keep stakeholders informed via email or chat

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Process Automation

Make repetitive, manual work a thing of the past

Minimize the need for human intervention, to save time and focus on meaningful work.

  • Assign requests automatically
  • Automate workflow actions
  • Generate documents automatically

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Reports & Dashboards

Improve operational KPIs

Simply automating your processes isn't a solution—it's crucial to track and overhaul them if necessary.

  • Workflow duration and usage reports
  • Custom reports
  • SLAs

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Process Mapping

Orchestrate visually

Build flexible and scalable business processes on a drag and drop platform, tailored to meet the requirements of your business.

  • Form builder
  • Workflow builder
  • Process logic automation

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Process Extensibility

Make Qntrl even more powerful

Connect Qntrl to enterprise systems, like ERPs, payroll systems, and accounting software, with robust developer features.

  • APIs, webhooks and custom functions
  • Extensions and integrations
  • Client Script, Server Script, Qntrl Bridge

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Enterprise Security

Designed for enterprises

Keep your data secure with enterprise-class security features.

  • Control who can make and access requests
  • Field access privileges, encryption, and role-based access controls
  • Data security and privacy

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